Throwback Thursday: Juan Pizarro

1959 Topps #188 Juan Pizarro Front
A Pizarro playing for the Braves?

Why we like him: Well, isn't it obvious? With a name like Juan Pizarro, you know he was effective against the Indians and the Braves. The truth is that Pizarro had a pretty interesting career. He played for 18 seasons  and 8 differents teams (and, yes, he had stints with the Indians and Braves). He was also a two-time All Star in '63 and '64, and in that '64 season, he won 19 games in 33 starts. The coolest thing about Pizarro was that he could pitch at any point during any game for any duration. He had seasons in which he posted both a save and a complete game 9 times.

Ladies and gentlemen, Juan Pizarro, ballplayer.

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