Sunday Double Header: Brad Pounders & Jerald Clark

Double the talent. Double the fun.

Why we like them: There are are some exciting little known facts about these two forgettable and laughably bad excuses for major league "prospects." See how you do on this little quiz:

  1. Which one of these guys is actually albino?
  2. Every time one of these guys got into his batting stance, he'd experience a slight fannyburp, and he'd always smell it. Which one is it?
  3. Which one of these guys was a lousy major leaguer?
  4. Which one of these guys was a lousy minor leaguer?
  5. Which one of these guys always had dumb all over their face?
  6. Which one of these guys' mothers misspelled "Gerald" on his birth certificate?
Answers: 1. It doesn't matter. 2. It doesn't matter. 3. It doesn't matter. 4. It doesn't matter. 5. It doesn't matter. 6. It doesn't matter.

Ladies and gentlemen, Brad Pounders and Jerald Clark, ballplayers. Sort of.