Preston Wilson

I bet the ball is in that catcher's mitt.

Why we like him: Preston Wilson was actually one of the leagues top centerfielders for a stretch in the 2000s. He had pretty good power and played great defense, but he also had a hilarious propensity for hacking. His 187 strikeouts in 2000 were good enough for a tie for the second-highest single-season total of all time at that point (before the last 10 years happened and messed up that list). It even earned him the simple yet effective unofficial nickname of "Preston K. Wilson" from me and my friends.

It had to be a gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking experience trying to set that record on the final day of the 2000 season. Heading into the contest against Amaury Telemaco and the Phillies, Wilson needed just three Ks to catch Bobby Bond's 1970 total of 189 strikeouts and cement his immortal legacy as the all-time single-season strikeout champ. Against a guy like Telemaco, Wilson knew he'd get at least four shots at it. Ultimately, however, Wilson choked, striking out just once in a 3-for-4 performance that featured a double and a triple. So much for his shot at baseball immortality.

In his first season with the Rockies in 2003, Wilson managed to lead the league in RBI somehow with 141, proving the age old adage, "If you're decent in Florida, you'll be Mickey Mantle in Colorado." His play that season was even good enough for his only All Star Game selection and a few MVP votes for some reason.

Ladies and gentlemen, Preston Wilson, ballplayer.