Rated Random: Willie Greene

1993 Donruss #143 Willie Greene Front
A 3B who wears #56? A can't miss prospect.

Why we like him: Willie Greene never looked like a ballplayer. He always looked a little to wormy and dorky out there. However, he wasn't terrible. Well, at least he wasn't for a little while.

He was drafted in the 1st round of the '89 draft by the Pirates and was involved in the trade that shipped Moises Alou from Pittsburgh to Montreal. He broke into the majors at 20 and batted .269 in just 29 games for the Reds in '92. His next three seasons: .160, .216, .105. The Reds stuck with him though, and Greene actually got a little better every year. He even finished 1997 with a line of .253-26-91. The next season Greene was batting .270 when the Reds decided to sell high and trade him to Baltimore for Jeffrey Hammonds. He batted .150 for the O's for the rest of that season. The next year Greene played in Toronto and hit .204, and signed with the Cubs in 2000 where he batted just .201. And that was it for Willie's career.

Ladies and gentlemen, Willie Greene, ballplayer.

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