Rated Random: Todd Worrell

1986 Donruss #43 Todd Worrell Front
That 'stache is no rookie.

Why we like him: Pure relief pitchers generally don't have much of a shelf life, so the fact that Todd Worrell hung around for 11 years is a testament to his slightly-above-average-ness. He won Rookie of the Year honors in 1986 after recording 36 saves and posting a 2.08 ERA, yet somehow having a 9-10 record (19 decisions for a guy who finished 60 games?). Worrell was even a career reliever. He never started a single game in the majors, and he even averaged a little over one inning per appearance. At age 37, he finished career with the Dodgers in 1997 (only one year after finishing 5th in Cy Young voting) with 256 career saves. He was also the (much) older brother of pitcher Tim Worrell.

Ladies and gentlemen, Todd Worrell, ballplayer.

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