Rated Random: Derrick May

1991 Donruss #36 Derrick May Front
"Don't look dumb in your photo, Derrick. Aw."

Why we like him: Derrick May was definitely not a bad corner outfielder for most of his career, but there were always other guys available who just happened to do everything he did just as well and something else slightly better. After all, he was a career .271 hitter who played his last MLB game at 30. The main problem was that he didn't hit for very much power (52 homers in 10 years) or have very good speed (30 career stolen bases). If could have rectified one of those problems or the other, he probably would've amounted to more than a spot sub. For what it's worth, I do remember that he was a good player.

Ladies and gentlemen, Derrick May, ballplayer.

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