Rated Random: Jeff Treadway

1988 Donruss #29 Jeff Treadway Front
Every team needs one of these guys.

Why we like him: Jeff Treadway was one of those guys that every manager needed to have on the bench. He could play 2B or 3B and was a good pinch hitter. The guy could rake until about 1995 when he apparently forgot how to hit altogether. He batted .320 in 306 at-bats for the Braves in 1991, but by 1995 with the Expos/Dodgers, his average was down to .209. He never played another major league game after that season.

I'll always remember him as a decent, yet for some reason unlikable Braves player. He did pull off the ol' "hidden ball" trick for a cheap out once though.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jeff Treadway, ballplayer.

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