Throwback Thursday: Sadaharu Oh

Possibly the best power hitter ever.

Why we like him: When you think of the greatest power hitters of all time, certain names invariably come up. Ruth. Aaron. Griffey. Not Rafael Belliard. And most of the time, no one even thinks to mention the name Sadaharu Oh. Oh was the high kickin', big hittin' first baseman for Japan's Yomiuri Giants, who are occasionally mistakenly called the "Tokyo Giants" quite often by arrogant uneducated American sports fans even though that name has not been used for years.

The truth is, Oh could rake. Oh played 22 seasons for the Giants, and finished with a career that any major leaguer who has ever played would gladly take. The key highlight of Oh's career are, of course, his 868 home runs. He hit those home runs in 2,831 games too. Hank Aaron blasted his 755 homers in 3,298 games. Say what you will about the level of competition (and it's a valid argument), but hitting bombs as a clip like that is impressive even in Little League.

Laides and gentlemen, Sadaharu Oh, ballplayer.

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