Granny Hamner

Remember him? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Why we like him: Is there a better name in baseball history than Granny Hamner? Probably. But there aren't many. Granville Wilbur Hamner enjoyed a 17-year career that ended for good in 1962. He ended up with a .262 average and 104 home runs. For his career, he led the league in four categories in four different years: at bats in 1949, games played in 1950, sacrifices in 1952, and double plays in 1957.

In any event, he was a three-time All Star (1952-1954), so he was a player that many may remember. They'd better remember him with a name like Granny Hamner.

Ladies and gentlemen, Granny Hamner, ballplayer.

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