Sunday Double Header: Luis De Los Santos & Jim Campbell

De Los Santos is perplexed by something whilst Campbell rocks the classic Mulletstache combo.

Why we like them: Luis De Los Santos, for me, was always "that guy with a four-word name on the baseball card." Other than his fantastic '80s jheri-curl, De Los Santos was basically good for nothing. He was a Royal in every sense of the word. The Royals plucked him in the second round of the '84 draft (they suavely chose Scott Bankhead in the first round). He made his debut in 1988 and thanked the organization by posting a teenie-weenie .091 average in 11 games. Things were better the following season when he batted .253 in 28 games. He disappeared for a couple of seasons before being claimed off waivers by the Tigers. He batted .167 for them in 16 games during the 1991 season. That was it for his career. He finished with a career .209 average, 0 homers, 0 stolen bases. At 6'5/205, it's amazing he never managed to generate any power whatsoever.

As for Jim Campbell, he has one of the most interesting careers ever, and it only spans two games worth of action during the 1990 season. He made two starts. His career record is actually an unblemished 1-0. Take that, Cy Young! His career ERA, however, is a rather toasty 8.38. Through 9.2 career innings of work, Campbell amassed a hilarious pair of strikeouts, and he walked a guy. At least he'll be able to tell everyone he was an undefeated major league pitcher.

Ladies and gentlemen, Luis De Los Santos and Jim Campbell, ballplayers.

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