Rob Deer

Owner of beautiful feathery mullet and insane strikeout propensity.

Why we like him: Rob Deer hit 230 home runs over the course of his interesting 11-year career. That number is actually higher than his career batting average of .220. I know. It gets better. Deer never led the league in anything except strikeouts, which he managed to find a way to do on four different occasions. His 186 whiffs in 1987 is even good enough for a tie with Ryan Howard for 16th on the all-time single season list. And he did that in 134 games. Oh, what could have been if he had played in 162. Or even 150. He also batted .238 that year, which was the third best average he ever posted. Seriously. His 1991 season with the Tigers is almost as bizarre as it gets. He played in 134 games, swatted 25 home runs, and batted a cool .179 all while striking out just 175 times. Feast or famine, baby. Sparky Anderson obviously had faith in the Deer. I wish Rob Deer was in Cooperstown so that we could give new meaning to the phrase "mounted Deer head on the wall."

Ladies and gentlemen, Rob Deer, ballplayer.

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