Chuck Carr

Why we like him: It's always fun to see a guy with an eight-year career that you can refer to as a journeyman. Chuck Carr managed to be given the boot from five teams over the span of his career. He experienced the most success by taking his talents to South Beach and the Marlins from 1993 to 1995 where he stole 115 bases over the course of those three seasons including a league-leading 58 in 1993 as the regular centerfielder with the franchise's inaugural squad. That was even good enough to get him to fourth place in NL Rookie of the Year voting (three spots behind some guy named Piazza).

After a posting a less-than-impressive .227 average in 1995, Carr was shipped off to the Brewers in exchange for Juan Gonzalez (but definitely not that Juan Gonzalez). After his release from Milwaukee in 1997, Carr played half a season with the Astros, taking on the spot-play, pinch-hit role that he was somewhat forced to assume with the Brewers (and probably a good role for the speedy slap-hitter he was). The 'Stros stuck him on the free agents list at the end of 1997, and I guess that's right where you'd find him today.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chuck Carr, ballplayer.

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