Tim Leary

Derp, it's a splitter, derp.

Why we like him: Tim Leary was a pretty bad major league pitcher and definitely not an avid support of LSD and other psychedelic drugs (that was the other Tim Leary). His career record over his 13-year career was 78-105. He also posted a 4.36 career ERA. He posted a winning record only twice, first going 17-11 with the World Series Champion Dodgers in 1988 (with a tidy 2.91 ERA) and then going 11-9 for the Mariners in 1993 despite a 5.05 ERA. Back in 1990 when the Yankees were garbage, and it seems forever ago, he lost 19 games for the Bronx Bumblers en route to their worst season since Babe Ruth was with the Red Sox.

One of the most randomly interesting things I remember about Leary was that during a Yankees-Orioles game back in 1992 that was televised on ESPN, the camera caught Leary covering his face with his glove and putting something in his mouth between batters. The O's accused him of scuffing the baseball with sandpaper. The O's manager Johnny Oates (Remember him?) even claimed to have gathered six balls that Leary scuffed up. Leary was traded to the Mariners two months later and never posted an ERA better than 5.52 again in his career after that season. Who knows what he was doing to baseballs in 1988?

Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Leary, ballplayer.

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