Throwback Thursday: Eppa Rixey

He was actually real and not just drawn.

Why we like him: If you say his name really fast, he sounds more like a crippling disease rather than a Hall of Fame ballplayer. But, nevertheless, ol' Epp's enshrined in Cooperstown for some reason. Rixey finished his 21-year career in 1933 at age 42 with a record of 266-251. He led the league in wins once (with 25 in 1922) and losses twice (with 21 in 1917 and 22 in 1920). I have no idea why this guy has a bust in the Hall. Well, he did get to 517 career decisions, so I guess longevity is the only thing the voters were looking at here.

Ladies and gentlemen, Eppa Rixey, ballplayer.

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