Glenallen Hill

Running from a spider.

Why we like him: Glenallen Hill was essentially a homeless major leaguer. He was clearly talented, as he played for 13 seasons and posted a .271 average and slugged .482, but he simply could not find a place to settle in and play. He played seasons for the Cubs (two different stints), Giants, Indians, Blue Jays, Angels, Yankees, and Mariners, and didn't stay at any of those clubs for more than three consecutive years.

During his playing days, Hill was somewhat of an imposingly hulking figure, standing 6'3" and listed at 210. He also had an intimidating aura about him too, as he always seemed to look angry no matter the situation, which was probably a result of the 'roids. I mean, he was in the good ol' Mitchell Report. The intimidation factor definitely didn't help him out in the postseason. He is the not-so-proud owner of a .074 (occasional 1-for-10) postseason batting average.  He did, however, earn himself a World Series ring on the 2000 Yankees, despite an 0-for-3 series.

The real reason we all love Glenallen Hill is because he's kind of a weirdo. Hill once found himself on the 15-day disabled list due to having a nightmare about himself being covered in spiders causing him to pop out of bed, smash a glass table and cut himself, and the fall violently down the stairs. And he didn't even come up with a fake story to tell his manager. His teammates also enjoyed the incident, giving Hill the loving nickname of "Spiderman."

Welcome to the home of the random ballplayer, Mr. Hill. Despite a semi-tainted career due to steroids and a mediocre career, you have no chance of even sniffing the Hall of Fame, but we'll gladly give you our respect. We hate spiders too. So enjoy your home here. We'll leave the closet light on for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, Glenallen Hill, Ballplayer.

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