Random Rivalries: Kent Hrbek & Ron Gant

1991 Donruss #507 Ron Gant Front VS 1991 Leaf #313 Kent Hrbek Front

Why we like them: The World Series has had its share of dubious calls, but I'll always remember these two for their incident at first base. As Gant rounded first base on a single in Game 2 of the 1991 Series, Hrbek caught a throw and applied a tag to Gant, who was back in safely...until Hrbek used his 240-pounds of lard and a combination of a leg-grab and kicking motion to pull Gant's leg off the bag and tag him out. Umpire Drew Coble swears Gant's momentum would've carried him off the bag anyway. Right. Atlanta lost the game 3-2 and the series in seven games. Hrbek even received death threats because of hit "T-Rex Tag" maneuver.

Hrbek played 14 seasons with the Twins and finished as a .282 hitter with 293 homers. He'll also go down as one of the more beloved Twins in franchise history. Not bad. Gant played 16 seasons for 8 different teams. He was one of the league's elite players from 1990 to 1993 and even posted back-to-back 30/30 seasons in '90 and '91. He missed the 1994 season (didn't we all) because of a motorcycle accident and was never the same player after that. I'll always remember his insane ability to pull any pitch at a right angle to the pitcher fondly.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ron Gant and Kent Hrbek, ballplayers.

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