Special: The Top Mustaches in Baseball History

In honor of Movember, here are some of the finest lip-ticklers the game has ever produced. Enjoy.

1977 Topps #523 Rollie Fingers Front
Rollie Fingers - I guess all discussion about baseball mustaches must begin with Fingers. His wispy curled handlebars were as perplexing as the man's stuff on the mound. This was the Alpha and the Omega of baseball facial hair.

1988 Donruss #217 Don Mattingly Front
Don Mattingly - That's a 'stache that batted .307, won an MVP award, and played great defense before injuries took it away from us after 14 solid years. It's also a 'stache that deserves to be the Hall of Fame.

1986 Donruss #249 Dwight Evans Front
Dwight Evans - There it is. "The Bionic Dirt Squirrel" to go along with his "Bionic Arm." Dewey's numbers may not be able to cut it in Cooperstown, but his nose neighbor is worthy of any Mustache Hall of Fame.

1988 Topps #388 Wade Boggs Front
Wade Boggs - Boggs' ginger cookie duster was one of the more iconic baseball fashion accessories of the '80s. You know you're good when people say you had a down year in 1984 and you batted .324.

1990 Fleer #223 Kevin Bass Front
Kevin Bass - He may not have been a great player for, well, pretty much all of his career except for 1986, but the "Bass-stache" was truly worthy of greatness whenever it made an appearance. This thick, bushy, dark, and powerful lip hat was one of the better parts of watching the 'Stros during my childhood.

1981 Topps #636 Al Hrabosky Front
Al Hrabosky - This man was crazy. His facial hair decision was crazy as well.

1988 Topps #293 Doug Jones Front
Doug Jones - Few relievers have ever rocked the mullet-and-mustache combo as Doug Jones. He was a five-time All Star, and racked up 303 saves during his career, all due in large part, I'm sure, to that 'stache.

1976 Topps #660 Davey Lopes Front
Davey Lopes - That was one bushy lip toupée. It could also motor around the basepaths a pretty healthy clip. Lopes carried that thing around the dirt tracks for 557 stolen bases and 1,023 runs scored during his 16-year career.

1983 Donruss #405 Eddie Murray Front
Eddie Murray - Now that's some mighty fine switch-hittin' lip spinach. Murray compiled 504 career homers as a switch hitter, and he also rocked one of the coolest mustache-sideburn-afro combos in baseball history.

1980 Topps #240 Dave Kingman Front
Dave Kingman - The King Kong cookie duster.

Guy Hecker - Hecker posted one of the most dumbfounding and incredible pitching seasons in baseball history in 1884. Even more dumbfounding and incredible was how classy that "old judge" on his upper lip truly was.

1990 Bowman #404 Robin Yount Front
Robin Yount - There's a lot to love about Robin Yount. He loved the Brewers so much that he wore their trademark gold all over his upper lip.

1989 Donruss #117 Keith Hernandez Front
Keith Hernandez - His pregame ritual of crossword puzzles and cigarettes is a well-known fact. A lesser known fact is that his 'stache helped him win his 11 Gold Gloves with its excellent ability to knock down grounders. And, hey, speaking of the Mets and grounders...

1984 Fleer Update #18 Bill Buckner Front
Bill Buckner - Bill Buckner will forever be known for...his two mustaches, of course. He had one seriously impressive soup strainer above his lip, sure, but he also had an amazingly fantastic 'stache above his eyes as well. Truly epic.

1987 Donruss #36 Greg Maddux Front
Greg Maddux - Mad Dog didn't rock the whiskers for very long, but when he did early in his career, he looked more like Captain Morgan than The Professor. His wispy lip locks and little patch of chin fabric are more than worthy of a spot on this ridiculous list.

1985 Topps #254 Pete Vuckovich Front
Pete Vuckovich - I don't remember much about Vuckovich, but I'm fairly certain that his look was the basis for the character of Kenny Powers.

1985 Fleer #33 Rich Gossage Front
Goose Gossage - Since this list is coming to a close, we might as well finish up with some of the game's best closers. Goose's facial goose feathers were an iconic image of the '80s, and his look paved the way for the modern era of ridiculousness that has been ushered in by the Giants' bullpen. Which reminds me...

1993 Topps #604 Rod Beck Front
Rod Beck - Long before Brian Wilson was trying to grow hair on his entire face, this dude was the death knell for Giants opponents. Rod Beck just always looked dirty. If one was to take a look into the inner realms of his 'stache, I'm sure you could find 286 career saves and an entire unopened can of tobacco.

1989 Topps #370 Dennis Eckersley Front
Dennis Eckersley - Every head mop needs a good snot mop to go with it, and Eck's was fantastic. His 'stache was thick and dark and made the man look more like a used car salesman than a closer sometimes.

1989 Donruss #132 Kirk Gibson Front
Kirk Gibson - You didn't really think we'd end with Eck, did you?

Honorable Mentions: Jack Morris, Ron Guidry, Dennis Martinez, Sal Fasano, Gorman Thomas, Bobby Valentine

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