Bill Pecota

I guess this was the best photo Fleer could find in 1991. What is he looking at?

Why we like him: Bill Pecota defined what it means to be a Kansas City Royal (as you can clearly see in the photo above). He couldn't hit. He couldn't hit for power. He couldn't play defense. He couldn't settle in a single position. He couldn't even be photographed doing anything successful. He was even included as an afterthought with Bret Saberhagen that brought the great Gregg Jefferies to KC from the Mets.

No, but seriously. He was a career .249 hitter with 22 home runs who pocketed almost $800,000 for his 1992 performance in New York that saw him bat .227 and slug .297. Shrewd bit of business by the Mets.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Pecota, ballplayer.

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