Mike Young


Why we like him: Mike Young actually had a couple of respectable seasons in the bigs before mysteriously vanishing in 1989 at the age of 29 (Relax. He went to Japan.). In 1984, his first full season, Young batted .252 and belted 17 homers to finish fifth in AL Rookie of the Year voting, and he followed that up with a 1985 campaign which saw him bat .273 with 28 dingers. For the time, those were serious numbers.

What's really great about Mike Young is whatever is going on in that photo in the card above. Is he running hard? Is he stumbling? Is he even in the baseline? Did some invisible entity steal his helmet and put it on to chase him around the ballpark? Could Score not find a photo with his face in it? What's the red, glowing thing in the background? Awesome.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Young, ballplayer.

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